Akatsuki Shoes

Anime shoes could be a brand of a prime quality, comfortable, and affordable fashion footwear brand, especially Akatsuki Shoes. With a unique design imbued with individuality, Akatsuki has become a shoe brand that is sought after by young people. 


Akatsuki Shoes

Top review of Akatsuki shoes

Inspired by Anime comics, Akatsuki shoes must be no stranger to crazy fans of anime. Anime fans have some great new options when it comes to footwear. In particular, you certainly cannot ignore these great designs. Akatsuki shoes receive positive feedback from customers because of their high quality and unique design. The dynamic and youthful design of these shoes is the choice of many customers. Besides, the shoes bring comfort to your feet.

Akatsuki Custom Shoes

Characters from the Akatsuki Shoe collection

Uchiha Itachi custom shoes

Without a doubt, the most favorite design is Uchiha Itachi custom shoes, which feature a vibrant and strong color scheme inspired by Uchiha Itachi's costume. The image of Uchiha Itachi and the Naruko Logo are highlighted on the shoes. At Gearanime.com, you can easily find the Uchiha Itachi shoes that fit your foot size. 

Tobi custom shoes

Tobi is a magical and meaningful limited edition. That's a reason why you should not ignore this design. Inspired by the character Tobi in Naruto. To Naruto readers, Tobi is a dark veil, always mysterious and filled with many question marks. Therefore, Tobi Custom Shoes also wishes to bring a mysterious look to customers. 

Orochimaru custom shoes

If Orochimaru is a person with a very complicated personality in the ANIME manga, this pair of shoes also gives customers a new feeling when owning these shoes.

Orochimaru custom shoes are a completely special version of the character shoe collection at Gearanime.com. These shoes are designed with a youthful, modern design.

Kisame custom shoes

If you are a fan of the smart and sharp boy Kisame, do not rush to ignore this design of Gearanime. 

Inspired by that, Gearanime creates inspiring products for every anime fan all over the world, especially fans of Kisame. 

Kakuzu custom shoes

Kakuzu custom shoes have also become a favorite design at Gearanime.com. These shoes are designed with an eye-catching red color that shows a strong personality like the character Kakuzu in the Anime.

The image of Kakuzu and the Kakuzu text name are highlighted on the shoes. These shoes are also custom-made to the highest quality standards.

Nagato Pain custom shoes

Inspired by the character Nagato Pain in the Anime Naruto manga, the design of Nagato Pain custom shoes was born. Nagato as a child was sensitive, kind, and quick to tears at the pain of himself and others. Therefore, the design of Nagato Pain custom shoes is also very delicate, bearing the character's personality.

Uchiha Madara custom shoes

Uchiha Madara custom shoes are a shoe design that shows a strong personality like the character Uchiha Madara in the anime manga. Besides showing strong love for anime comics, these shoes are also extremely practical.

This design offers comfort that other normal shoes just can’t match. 

For only nearly $100 you quickly own a pair of shoes; exclusively designed by the Gearanime team. 

Zetsu custom shoes

If you are a Naruto fan, do you remember the character Black Zetsu? Zetsu is seen as a versatile, unpredictable character who can play any game.

Still designed in a strong and prominent red tone, the shoes help the wearer bring a personal impression. These shoes are sturdy and supportive enough for any outdoor activity. 

Jugo custom shoes

Jugo - a quiet and humble guy also leaves many impressions in the heart of every Anime-fans all over the world.

If you love this character, then do not rush to ignore this Jugo-inspired shoe design. The image of Jugo along with the name is carefully printed on the shoe, clearly showing your personality and favorite character. 

Deidara Custom Shoes

Deidara's most prominent feature is his love of art. Therefore, the shoes inspired by the character Deidara are also extremely creative and fashionable.

Most people often like how they look rather than how they feel on their feet. However, quality choices are paramount. It is for this reason that the Gearanime has combined both fashion and practicality in this design. 

Sasori Custom Shoes

With the trend of more unique and fancy designs, Sasori Custom Shoes was born. The shoes are designed with eye-catching, trendy colors; combined with materials and styles to bring comfort to your feet. If you love Sasori, Choose these shoes!

Hidan Custom Shoes

Finally, we have Hidan Custom Shoes in a classic red colorway. The shoes also include the Hidan symbol embroidered on the outside. You can order these shoes on gearanime.com. 

Top style of Akatsuki shoes

Akatsuki Jordan shoes

Akatsuki Jordan shoe style is custom-made with the highest quality standards. This is an anime-printed shoe, they are suitable for anyone.

You can easily match them with any kind of clothes to create a dynamic and personality look. 

Akatsuki Air Force 1 Shoes

Akatsuki Air force 1 shoe is a style towards minimalism, simplicity but still unique, creating an unprecedented distinction. This style is a combination of anime and fashion. If you are a lover of anime characters; If you also love the youthful dynamic style, then this Akatsuki Air force 1 shoe is the perfect choice for you.

Akatsuki Jordan 13 Shoes

Akatsuki Jordan 13 shoes' popularity is because it offers a certain level of exclusivity, which cannot be compared to other casual footwear of the same type. Akatsuki Jordan 13 shoes give you a trendy and unique feel. The design and materials both bring maximum comfort to the wearer.

Akatsuki Stan Smith Style shoes

Although the sophistication in the design has largely been reduced, the Style Stan Smith X Akatsuki is still a simple sports shoe, however, it is unique and fashionable; expresses your passions and interests.

You can easily combine different styles of clothes.

Akatsuki Yeezy shoes

Yeezy shoe Style is known to be a quite popular and appreciated style in terms of both quality and price. The combination of Akatsuki X Yeezy shoe Style is a perfect combination. With the unique design of Yeezy shoe Style along with creative ideas about Akatsuki that can be displayed on shoes, Akatsuki Yeezy shoes always receive outstanding feedback from customers.

Akatsuki converse shoes

Are you a converse shoe lover? Converse design is not too strange to us. Men Women Converse X Akatsuki is a bold fashion combination. The combination makes a pair of converse Akatsuki shoes

Akatsuki skate shoes

Akatsuki skate shoes have a bold anime character but are also extremely trendy. The shoes are welcomed by young people because of their uniqueness. Don't hesitate to show your personality, let choose Akatsuki skate shoes

Akatsuki slip-on shoes

An Akatsuki slip-on shoe is a shoe that prioritizes convenience. You do not need to spend too much time mixing them. However, the design style and color of the shoe are also its outstanding advantages. With a youthful design that brings a dynamic look, this style is suitable for all outdoor activities.

We Also Can Choose Accessories

At Gearanime.com, you can also easily find the accessories that come with your shoe purchase. You won't have to worry about finding a pair of Akatsuki Socks anime-style socks or an Akatsuki Eye Mask anymore. All of them are always available on https://www.gearanime.com/coll...

Akatsuki Socks 

Are you looking for Akatsuki socks? Besides good quality brands, you will also find many discounts when buying Akatsuki socks during big sales at Gearanime.com

Instead of choosing a normal pair of socks, choose a pair of fashionable socks that show your personality and love for anime!

Akatsuki Eye Mask

Naruto Akatsuki Mask Printed Eye Mask is a breakthrough in creativity, bringing excitement among today's youth. You will become very cool and superior in the eyes of others. Feel free to express your personality and passionate interest in anime. Choose now Akatsuki Eye Mask

The materials of Akatsuki shoes. Are these materials comfortable?

Akatsuki shoes leather

Akatsuki leather shoes are chosen because of their uniqueness and high quality. They are so durable, which makes them the best investment.

Akatsuki leather shoes are much softer than other materials. In addition to being a naturally durable material, leather is also very comfortable for your feet.

Akatsuki canvas shoes

Akatsuki canvas shoes are also considered an optimal choice. Canvas material is easy to maintain, the cost is lower. In other words, taking care of them is a snap.

Besides, Akatsuki canvas shoes also meet the maximum in terms of fashion. With a minimalist, light, and youthful style, Akatsuki canvas shoes are always the first choice for young people

Akatsuki shoe size

If you are wondering if your foot size is suitable for these shoe styles? Don't worry about it, because these shoes are available for both men and women in a full range of sizes on Gearanime.com

Akatsuki shoes cosplay

Akatsuki shoes can be used on various occasions like cosplay, casual and party. Get your Akatsuki shoes for a day and complete the look with Naruto Akatsuki Members Cosplay Shoes! We offer a full range of cosplay costumes so you can cosplay with any character you love. Do not hesitate or contact us today

Akatsuki shoes custom


You can put your ego in the shoes you are wearing through the images that you draw on your shoes. Let the shoes you are wearing on your feet be different from the shoes of the majority.

Akatsuki shoes drawing

Owning a pair of Akatsuki shoe drawings also clearly shows your personality and interests. Do not hesitate to contact us to have the best-painted shoes

Akatsuki design shoes

We also offer a wide variety of special, impressive Akatsuki designs that show off a personal touch. The Gearanime team has combined both fashion and practicality in these designs. 

Akatsuki edition shoes

At gearanime.com, we offer a full range of different versions of the Akatsuki shoe collection.You can easily choose your desired pair of shoes with all different characters, styles, and accessories 

Akatsuki girl shoes

Women's Akatsuki shoes are also available at Gearanime. From design, the color will satisfy you. Whether you are a cool girl or a gentle girl, all are included in the women's Akatsuki shoe collection.

Akatsuki men shoes

In addition, Men's Akatsuki shoes are also available at Gearanime. Visit our website and shop now

Akatsuki shoes for sport

Akatsuki shoes have many different designs and materials suitable for each person. You can freely choose the right shoes for your favorite sport!

Currently, Gearanime is providing a full range of shoes for the following main sports:

  • Akatsuki gym shoes
  • Akatsuki tennis shoes
  • Akatsuki custom basketball shoes 

Akatsuki shoes for sale

You can also find other good deals on all products

You'll also get plenty of discounts when you shop for Akatsuki shoes during big sales on Gearanime.com

Akatsuki shoes in real life

Visit our website and see more real feedback about Akatsuki shoes.

Gearanime.com will not let you down with the quality of its products and services. Trust us and trust your wise decision!

Akatsuki Convention

Akatsuki Convention - where you can show your personality and your love for anime.

Gearanime.com provides many kinds of Akatsuki Custom Shoes that will help you express your personality, make you stand out at any Anime conventions.


If you are an Anime fan, if you are looking for shoes that reflect your personality and your taste. Gearanime.com is the best choice for you! Visit our website and shop daily.